• Sign in/ Sign up
  • Buying a subscription
  • Navigation, Creating & personalizing the reminders & tasks
  • Subscription, Payments & refunds
  • Miscellaneous

Sign in/ Sign Up

1.  Can I create reminders or tasks without creating an account?

Ans – No, for creating a reminder or task or to purchase your need to first sign-up.


2. Is it mandatory to select “Accept terms & conditions” option while signing up?

Ans -Yes you have to abide by the rules & regulations, our terms & conditions & privacy policy if you wish to use our website & services. Once accepted while sign-up, it will not ask again as you have agreed to our terms & conditions.

3. Can I register using other platforms?

Ans – Yes, you can register it through Facebook & Gmail credentials as well.

4. What if I forget my password?

Ans – Go to sign-in page & click on the “forgot password” button, to reset your password.

 5. I have recently changed my mobile number which has not been updated in the website, how to reset my password in this case?

Ans – Kindly write a mail to hello@reminderkart.com, we will try to address the issue after verifying the genuineness.

 6. How to register or Sign-up?

Ans – In order to register, go to “Sign-up” which is on the header, top right corner of the page. After clicking it will open a form, fill up the required details or you may sign up using Gmail or Facebook.



Subscription, Payment & balance

1. How to subscribe?

Ans – In order to avail of services, you have to subscribe (buy) any of our plans. You may go to the floating side options “Buy Now” or you may go to the homepage, scroll down to go to “Membership Package” and click on “Subscribe” in the relevant options. After clicking on “Buy Now” “Membership Package” opens up and you may see different categories, select what suits you and click on “Proceed To Pay”. It will take you to the transaction window powered by our payment gateway “Razor pay” and is fully secured. Kindly visit their page for their terms & conditions and refer our terms & condition before proceeding.

After purchasing a plan you will get automated welcome SMS & automated welcome call from our end.


2. I am unable to find for what amount I have to subscribe for my reminders which combination is not available in the membership package?

Ans – Don’t worry, you may buy any of the basic plans starts from “Rs 99” (which is an incredible introductory offer for a limited period), this will add the SMS or Automated calls balance, which is visible under your image file in the dashboard. Start creating the tasks & reminders as per your combinations available on the website.

 3. I have purchased a plan but a further balance needs to be added?

Ans – You may buy multiple times the Top-up plans available that will give you balance to create the reminders.

 4. what is the validity of my balance & plan?

Ans – We understand & respect your hard-earned money, therefore there is no expiry date for your balance. We are a start-up and are learning, hence in case of some complication in the future, we may decide whether expiry date should be added or not. However, frankly, we don’t want to add expiry until & unless we feel there are serious concerns & consequences.


5. what is the difference between a plan & a top-up?

Ans – If your requirement meets any of the plans mentioned on the website you may buy that one or else you may start with a basic plan. If there is an additional balance required then you may “top-up that amount”, this will add up in your account balance and you will see the increased number of SMS/Automated calls.


6. How to check when and what amount I have recharged?

Ans – For these details kindly log-in in the website, it will automatically take you to “Dashboard”, click on “My Orders”, here you can see when & what amount you have recharged and your subscription details. The transaction ID is N/A currently which is under development, and it is currently not relevant for you. You can also see whether the transaction was successful or not.


7. How could I check the membership status, subscription details, their validity & status?

Ans- After sign-in, your Dashboard will open, click on “membership Details”, it will show all these details captured here.


8. How to know my balance?

Ans - After purchasing you would be able to see the balance as an equivalent number of SMS and Automated Calls. But the balance should not be misunderstood as a sum of SMS & automated calls. It is either of these or a combination of these in some proportion as per our costing.




1. How should I start?

Ans – First sign-up and subscribe to our services. You may start with a basic one if not sure how much you need to pay. Afterward, you may top-up as per your requirement. After purchasing a plan, the website will auto-direct to your dashboard, landing you in the “Membership Details” page. You may clearly see the package name & its validity. Now either click on the “active reminder” option from the left panel or select from the dropdown “reminder” option on the header. After selecting the “active reminders” you will see “create reminder” option on the right side, click on this and it will take you to “services” page, here you will find a list of almost all services. If you are unable to find a particular service, kindly send your feedback to get it done from the backend or directly email us at hello@reminderkart.com.


After choosing a particular service say for example “Vaccination”, another screen will appear, in the “Event Title” name as per your choice (say Vaccination of Akshay), then in the “select date” option click & enter the date of birth of Akshay. If you scroll down you will see a list of pre-defined vaccination schedule will appear as per the date of birth. The reminder alerts are also pre-defined. You are free to customize these all as per your convenience. For example, if your doctor has prescribed a few more vaccinations or lesser number of vaccinations, then you may “add a task” or delete a task as per your requirement.

Further, there is “add reminder” options below, the dates indicate that you will get the alerts on these dates, you may add or delete or change the dates as well as the mode of reminders you may customize by selecting or deselecting.

Below “Add Task” the option is for naming the task, in this example it is “2nd vaccination”, then “3rd vaccination” etc. The naming starts from 2nd vaccination because the first vaccination is given at the time of birth hence not required to be mentioned here.

After doing all the entries don’t forget to “Submit Now”. After clicking on this it will take you to your dashboard’s “Active Reminders” option with a message appearing “one service reminder has been added to your account successfully”. You may check after scrolling down to the relevant page. Now you are all set to start the reminder.

Later on, if you want to customize these changes you may do the same.



2. What is the share button? What to do with this?

Ans – Through this, you could share our website with all social platforms and through Gmail also with just a click of a button.


3. What are the functions of search bars showing “Segment” & “Reminder” on the header?

Ans – This is an alternate way to search for a reminder which you want to create. In the segment, you need to just type the first few letters of the segment viz. type just “a” you will find all the segments containing letters a, suppose you typed/selected “Automobiles” then the next search option “Reminder” will show you the available service options under the automobile segment. Here you can see services like “Road Tax”, “Pollution certificate renewal”, “Vehicle EMI Reminders”, “Vehicle Insurance Renewal”. Select any of these to create the relevant reminders.


4. I am finding it difficult to create & customize the reminders, how could I get help?

Ans – We have put the information icons at relevant places to guide you, still, If you are facing problem then kindly connect with us, our team will guide you. We are in the process of putting informative videos that will help you in understanding easily.





1. I want to know more about terms & conditions?

Ans – Kindly refer the footer of the website, we have a separate page for Terms & conditions, adherence to which is mandatory in order to avail the services.


2. I want to know about Privacy policy?

Ans - Kindly refer the footer of the website, we have a separate page for Privacy Policy.


3. I am looking for a task/service which is not listed here, what should I do?

Ans – In case of any field that is not there or you feel it should be there then kindly send us through “feedback” or write to us at hello@reminderkart.com. We will try to resolve it as soon as possible.


4. What is the mode of reminders?

Ans – We are using SMS, Automated calls & email as mode of reminders, you may choose any combination of these as per your requirement.