About us

Welcome to reminderkart.com, a bootstrap start-up that provides subscription-based reminder services across  India for most of the tasks.  This is a platform where the user can create & set multiple reminders for each due date. This is completely customized as per the customers' requirement. For each due date, multiple reminders could be set, further different modes of reminders (SMS, automated calls & e-mails) could also be selected. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to make our customers more productive,  stress-free, happier by assisting them not to miss even a single due date.   


The complexities of our modern lives have increased manifolds. We have got more to remember nowadays and few of us are having an awfully bad habit to forget the things. The forgetfulness can arise from stress, depression, lack of sleep, the side-effect of medicines, lack of balanced & healthy diet, besides health issues among others. While a few of them are controllable. rest are not.  

  • Are you facing difficulty in remembering the vaccination schedule of your children?
  • How many times have you missed to pay your credit cards bills or other utility bills timely and have suffered financial losses? Have these impacted your CIBIL score?
  • Have you missed the due dates for renewal of Insurance policies or health policies?
  • Are you finding it difficult to remember the EMI due dates of housing loan, personal loan etc.? 

If any of the responses to the above question is “Yes” then you are at right place. The above lists are only indicative, there is a much longer list than what is mentioned above. Though most of the companies are sending reminders to their customers, their frequencies are very very limited and there are chances that you miss a few of those.

This is the right platform to allow us to handle your tension  & let us take the responsibility to keep you reminding irrespective of the time period, whether short ones (daily basis) or stretched to longer time duration (viz. 1 yr, 2 yr, 5 yrs, 10 yrs, 15 yrs etc) and all it comes at a very very nominal price. We will help you to mitigate the risk of forgetting the due dates & important life events thereby making you more productive and better organized. 

"reminderkart.com" is a very user-friendly interface, where you will get curated tasks with the option to further customize each & every task, related reminders, and the mode of reminders. The reminder modes are SMS, automated calls & e-mails, which can be customized as per your convenience. Even if you are finding something that is not here you are always welcome to feedback us. Being a start-up, we will continuously add up the technologies to make our ecosystem more robust as we grow to keep you more comfortable.

“Effective Time Management” is the need of the hour to enhance our productivity and remain well-organized.

It is worth quoting here the below quote by the inventor of the very famous Time Management Matrix “The Eisenhower Matrix”

“What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important”

-          Dwight D.Eisenhower